Welcome to SimcoeArtists.com

July 4, 2011 in Artists by Robert

Welcome to Simcoe County’s Artist’s Community Hub

This community hub has been developed so that artists in the Simcoe community have a place to talk shop, talk about their interests and to engage with people who love art. Artists and website visitors can love the work of the local artists and hear more stories behind each piece. Engaged website visitors can support them, pick their brains or just talk about experiences.

We would like to make this online community arts hub the beehive of discussion for all of Simcoe county including Barrie, Orillia, surrounding municipalities and outlying regions in Simcoe County. Along with the support of art lovers, the arts community at large; it is one of our mandates to support local events, charities, causes and business.

In order to achieve these various causes, group members will get priority choice in providing services on a first-come, first-serve basis. Although we have a strong desire to support local efforts, we will not have preferential treatment from one merchant to another. It will ultimately be up to the hub’s community members and its customers to determine which vendors they use. Each member, in one capacity or another will have to make a judgment call as to what and who they will support.

Product Pricing

We understand that there is a value-association with product offerings and not all merchants follow the same rules in either regard. Different merchants have different costs associated to their services, so we do not want to discriminate a merchant’s choice. This means that one merchant may have differing services and pricing, we will let the customer determine which merchant they would like to be serviced by based on their own judgment.

SimcoeArtists.com Mandate

It is not our mandate to compete with local businesses, but we will enhance and enable the artist’s ability to make sales of their work and develop a reputation.  These other capacities will not conflict with products and services offered by merchants who sell artists’ products.

We will offer and facilitate joint ventures with merchants who are looking for assistance in marketing and with business ventures that they would like our help with or with another merchant or business.

The Concept

In the coming months, we will be developing and expanding the gallery that shows art from all kinds of artists as well as other artist’s products. A Few examples include


There are other artistic categories not mentioned here that we would welcome with opened arms. The only limits to “acceptable art” are pornography or art that promotes hate. Any questionable art will be determined by the collective.

Artists in the community or surrounding area can create a profile and upload images of their art for display or to sell. We afford the opportunity for any artist who does sell prints of their work to donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity or cause of their choice.

There is no age or idea limit. If you are a senior citizen who loves to paint you can create a free profile to showcase your talents. Maybe you are a business person in the community that has artistic merit to your business? Perhaps you are a stay-at-home mom that has some crafty ideas? If you are a student artist at Georgian College or Lakehead University or from a local high school, you now have a place to show your stuff.

If you want to display your art, you are welcome to do it here. The only limitations are your imagination. Memberships are welcome.

  • Membership is totally free for artists
  • Creating a profile page takes a few minutes

Thank you for visiting the hub! We look forward to your return and conversation.

Enjoy your visit and bring your friends.


Thanks for Visiting,


The Hub Team